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Jenny Smallwood BA MA MBACP (Senior ACCRED)

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Below are some testimonials from past clients who had struggled with a range of problems:

“Thank you for putting me back on the right path. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, just that at least I do have a future now.”


“Looking back to this time last year, sometimes, makes me catch my breath. I can’t believe the journey I’ve travelled and the things I have had to face in order to go forward with my life. I want to thank you Jenny for all your support and kindness and will never forget the safe place you provided for me when things seemed so hopeless.”

(30 Nov 2006)

“I just want to thank you for your patience and understanding throughout my long recovery period. You have supported me when I needed it most and have helped me find me again. You have been able to support me in ways my amazing family couldn’t. For that I am forever grateful.”


“As we used to discuss, we all have our ups and downs and like everyone else I am no exception. It gives me comfort and reassurance that you were there when I needed help and guidance.”

(30 Aug 2007)

“It is hard to put into words my sincerest gratitude to you for all the help and support you have consistently given to me this year”


“Thank you for helping me this year. It has really helped and will be significant for the rest of my life”

(29 Dec 2006)