What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is the Book of Life mentioned in many ancient texts. It is a record of every thought, action and experience throughout each soul’s journey; past, present and future. This is not an actual book with pages in it, as we might imagine. Rather it is a vibrational field of in-formation or records, pertaining to every soul ever born. This is a multi-dimensional spiritual experience, often transformational, for those seeking guidance and direction for their current problems and/or for what comes next. Imagine getting the chance to ask for guidance and direction for your life’s purpose? Imagine talking to your Higher Self? What questions would you ask?

Akashic Records Readings

JMS Therapy offers intuitive readings of the Akashic Records to help guide you on your personal and spiritual journey. Individual readings of the Akashic Records are possible for those who have specific questions for their Higher Self. Perhaps you have a question about your current life, a past life, ancestral issues, your relationships, an illness, disease or trauma? You may want to seek guidance on what to do next in your life or which path to follow if you have a decision to make. You may even want to ask for a healing or a clearing of unresolved issues? All is possible with this work: all is possible with Spirit; as long as it is in keeping with your Soul’s highest purpose. 


Individual readings are available at £95 per 70-minute session.

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