The CLARITY Package (Spiritual Development Mentoring Package)

Jennifer has undergone a transformational journey in her personal life, experiencing her own dark night of the soul in 2017. She fully comprehends the richness of trauma and how it can be a powerful step within the process of transformation. CLARITY is the fruit of her own spiritual awakening and the many ways in which she has learned to blend comprehensions of the spiritual journey with her psychotherapeutic experience and connection with the Akashic Records, which she formed during her Akashic Records for Healers training at Alexandria International, Inc

Drawing on the innate wisdom of the Akashic Records, Jennifer helps CLARITY clients reflect on their lives and supports them in making meaningful changes according to their highest truth so that they may access health and personal growth as they deepen their own spiritual journey in a compassionate and supportive space. 

Much of the malaise and illness we see in the modern world is due to western society having lost its bearings, as we have lost connection with our deepest selves. We don’t set aside time for reflection, contemplation, or authentic connection, and we’re only now realising that the mind, body and soul interconnect and interact as ONE. It follows that if we find ourselves stuck or blocked on one level, it will inevitably emerge in other parts of our system too.

For those who have a nagging feeling of incompleteness or a sense of lostness you can’t quite put your finger on… for those who are uneasy within themselves when there is a moment of silence … and for those who just know they should be doing something else with their lives, CLARITY invites you to remember yourself; your whole self.

CLARITY provides you with the time, space, and support to consider where you are at today and what you might be feeling pulled towards instead. CLARITY works with the question… If you had a chance to talk to your soul, what questions might you ask and what might you ask for? What would you do if your soul answered? By accessing the Akashic Records, we will explore ways in which you might finally get some direction in your life, heal physical ailments, release emotional baggage and raise your conscious awareness. This is a no holds barred piece of work and is only for those who are curious about their life and ready to take this next step.  


The CLARITY Package costs £375 and includes:

  • An initial 20 minute phone call to discuss where you’re at in your journey and arrange your Clarity schedule 
  • 3 x personalised 65-minute sessions (via Zoom or face-to-face) which include a blend of Akashic guidance, spiritual mentoring, Reiki healing, psychotherapy, and business coaching 
  • Lessons in breathwork, polyvagal theory and meditation so you can master your own autonomic nervous system responses and bring yourself back in to balance
  • Reading and video suggestion for homework so the learning continues between sessions 
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